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Q: What is the difference between the Jumbo and Regular size sunshades?
A: The Jumbo-sized accordion and Magic shade fits larger cars or cars with a pronounced ‘forward sloped’ windscreen. The regular size fits is for more upright windscreens, mid-size and compact cars.
The standard size measures 23”x58”
The jumbo shade measures 27”x68”

Q: Will this product fit my car?
A: All ‘universal fit’ Kraco products are designed to fit almost all makes and models of cars.
Seat and Steering wheel cover materials are specifically chosen for their stretch qualities, so a snug fit is possible with almost any car’s measurements. Newer models should verify if their seats require air bag compatible seat covers
All floor mats are designed to provide full coverage for the areas of a car’s floor pan that see the most use. Some of Kraco’s floor mats are ‘trim-to-fit’ style; meaning with an ordinary pair of scissors, you can trim the mat down for a perfect custom fit for your particular car.
Kraco’s Sunshade products come in different sizes to provide the full coverage you want for your car’s windscreen, and windows.
Q: How many are included?
A: The number of items included is stated in the name of the product: Pair, 2PC, 4PC, 3PK etc.. If there is no indicator, the product is sold individually.
Floor Mats typically include 2 front mats. Some mat sets include 2 front mats and 2 rear mats; please be sure to check the description of the product. Cargo mats are the only mats sold as individuals.
Seat Covers are mostly sold as individuals. There are some exceptions such as our popular models; El Paso, Fairfield, Alpine, and Braxton. However, the full name will include an indicator of count of items, such as ‘Pair’ for a 2 count in a pack. If there is no indicator, the product is sold individually.
Sun Shades are sold individually unless otherwise noted. The Magic Shades include 2 separate panels, but this is considered one piece.
Q: How do I install this?
A: Please refer to our installation videos (link to How to category videos)
Q: How do I know if my seat has side airbags?
A: Please refer to your owner’s manual.
Q: How is shipping calculated?
A: Shipping cost is based on weight, order destination, and the preferred shipping carrier and method. You may estimate the cost on our site before completely checking out by using the shipping calculator, found on the checkout page.